About Homecare1st

Homecare1st was founded in 2018. The founder  was inspired by her best friend, who worked for many years as a physiotherapist. Her patients suffered from chronic conditions that really limited their lives and her help transformed how they lived. The founder is Australian trained nurse and worked as a nurse back in Australia. She quickly realised that many of the people she was helping would have been happier receiving care in their own homes. That is the driving force behind Homecare1st; we want to enable people live their lives to the fullest. Our values do enable us to continue to provide tailored care services. Since opening our doors we’ve built up the knowledge and with experience we will understand our service user’s needs, seeing things from their point of view. This insight will build an excellent reputation and will continue to do so for some years to come. Homecare1st  commitment to service users’, our passion for helping people and our willingness to learn from them will remain the same.


Our prime objective is to provide a 24/7 home and community care services which recognises the intrinsic value of people, regardless of circumstance, by respecting their unique personal care needs, help them to live independently and most importantly, treating them with respect.

We provide an understanding and caring approach, which requires the utmost dedication and professionalism and our care workers are chosen for our register following a detailed interview to ascertain their suitability and reliability.

Our mission statement

You, our service user, are at the centre of everything we do. Since the founding of Homecare1st Ltd in 2018, every decision and change we have made has had to answer the question: How will this make things better for our service users?

Our mission is to support you in every way we can and give you the control you need to have a better quality of life. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” and we know the importance of talking to you about what you want and need from us, what your expectations of our care are, and how your requirements may change over time.

Nothing is more important than guarding your personal independence and dignity. We will never compromise our care and leave you unsure of our priorities, and you will always enjoy comfort and security when our highly trained and experienced care workers visit you in your home. And you can be sure that we always mean what we say: honesty and integrity are fundamental to the way we work. What’s more, you can rest assured that we will always be available for you.

Everybody who works for Homecare1st Ltd is required to sign our Mission Statement. We believe:

  • That everybody working for Homecare1st aims to provide the highest quality care possible

  • That it is a pre-requisite for anyone involved with us is that they genuinely care about others

  • That service user have a right to privacy, independence, security, self-expression, personal aspirations and freedom of choice

  • In care in the community. Anyone in need who chooses to remain living in their own home should be given assistance to do so securely and as comfortable as possible.

  • That the dignity and value of every service user must be recognised and respected at all times.

  • That problems provide an invaluable learning experience from which we can derive great benefit for the future.

  • That teamwork is likely to achieve greater results than individuals.