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Who we are

Homecare1st is a unique Berkshire based Homecare Agency that provides a wide range of exceptional Domiciliary services. Services which are key to service users who wish to receive care in the comfort of their own homes. Our mission is to empower and enable our service users with greater control and independence in their lives


Personalised package

The first step towards your personalised care plan is a “Needs & Risks Assessment” with one of our senior care managers. This is a short light-hearted meeting where you will have the opportunity to talk through and outline your basic requirements as well as identify pitfalls and restrictions in your home environment and everyday life/routine. Following your decision to have our care service provided to you, your care manager, under your guidance and using the information provided, will proceed to tailor a care plan that suits you, your pace, your lifestyle and overall care needs. Here at Homecare1st we understand the importance of a tailor-made care plan which is why upon completion, no changes can be made to your care plan unless approved by you or your loved ones.

Why Choose Homeacare1st

Whatever your requirements for Home Care, whether short or long term, Homecare1st can offer the flexibility you need. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all with Homecare1st; every one of our service user is unique, with their own requirements. It’s Care as you want it, and always on your terms.

The vast level of diversity in the career backgrounds of our directors is unparalleled with some 37 years+ of knowledge and experience pooled between them. This does not only contain knowledge and experience in the healthcare sector but also in, IT and senior business management.

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